4 ways you can contribute back to the community

4 ways you can contribute back to the community

Donating money to a public or private organization is not the only way you can contribute to the community. If you are looking for a few ideas here are four ways to play your role for the betterment of people.

Encourage Volunteerism

Promote volunteerism at your workplace and family. As a business owner, you can motivate your employees by paying them off for volunteering. To encourage them, you can also fix the weekly, monthly, or yearly amount for those who participate in volunteering activities. As a company manager or employee, you can propose an alliance with the non-profit organization that will boost your company’s image as well as help them contribute to the community. Mostly, big organizations play their role in the community by taking measures for the environment, the wellbeing of people, charity to individuals and organizations, but small business should also play their part in the community. Big companies have a reputation to maintain, so the small companies cannot grow and develop without giving their share to the people who deserve it.

Sponsor Events for Charity

A charity event is a great way to collect donations as well as promote sports, entertainment, and social get-together for a cause. You can arrange a sports event where a fixed profit percentage is allocated for charitable organizations or individuals. A local marathon can be arranged to support charity in your neighborhood and encourage people to contribute to the community. With minimal investment, you can involve the public in their contribution. Besides organizing your event, you should participate in activities and events arranged by other individuals or businesses for the purpose. In this way, you support their cause as well as their business. It is a unique way to contribute back to the community.

Offer Your Skills

You can offer your skills to the organizations that need them. You can give a few hours to such an organization daily or weekly. Non-profit organizations are usually short of resources in technical areas. If you have the right skills and knowledge, you can handle their things without asking for money. Some individuals want to learn skills but don’t have much to spend on their education; you can educate and train such people and aid the community. You can also start a short course for teaching entrepreneurship, specialized skills, technical skills, and more to people, free of cost. In this way, you can help the unemployed upskill and have more employment opportunities. You can start this venture with your family and friends who have a shared vision to add to the community.

Promote Local Businesses

Did you learn about a friend who has just started a small business? One of the easiest ways to contribute to the community is helping those struggling to make a living and trying their best to expand. You can promote your friends or any other small business you learn about in simple ways. You can ask the business person for the product pictures and videos and share them with your contacts via social media. If there is an online or physical shop, you can share the link for people to explore. You should buy from local and small businesses if the product is of good quality; it shows your support and helps them expand which is impossible otherwise.

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