Whom should you give your charity to? Individual Vs Charitable Organizations

Whom should you give your charity to? Individual Vs Charitable Organizations

Often people get confused about who to donate and why. There are certain differences in giving your charity to a private non-profit organization and individuals that you should know before deciding. Let’s learn these differences to know which one is better for you:

Charitable organizations

The charitable organizations are tax-exempted by Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which allows them to work as public charities or private foundations. Public charities collect donations from the public regularly, making it a step closer to public sentiments. It is a sort of market for charity to gather from the general public, otherwise impossible to reach out to. This is why these organizations go in public via events and advertisement campaigns. Usually, public charity utilizes the funds directly for the purpose, which makes it different from private organizations that generate an amount of income to run its functions. You need to consider this factor before deciding which organization to donate to.

Usually, a private foundation is a business or individual who acts as a single benefactor. They use the initial seed donation to invest and generate income from it. Private foundations help you get continuous funds, stability, and consistency via reliable sources. If you have a savings account, you can find the appropriate product to invest in and get a consistent and stable rate of return. When you invest with a private organization, you can have greater confidence in the funding decisions and budgeting. You are sure that the needy people will promptly have access to your aid. Private organizations do not prefer direct funding and grant donations to individuals and other charities. For example, a public charity may operate a homeless shelter by carrying out its functions directly.

Giving your charity to Individuals

This is a simple way of contributing to the community by finding the needy and deprived people and helping them. Instead of going to an organization that does the same, you can donate your clothes, shoes, and other stuff to the homeless or poor people directly. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of doing the charity to the individuals. Usually, homeless and deprived people aren’t mentally and physically healthy. If you want to meet them and show your love to them with your donation, you need to be careful about your safety.

Especially after COVID-19, it is essential to take precautions. Due to the harsh life situations, many homeless and poor people aren’t mentally stable and even become drug or alcohol addicted. You need to take care of yourself as they may harm you unintentionally. Charity organizations are well-equipped for safety and security when they campaign to visit or help underprivileged people. Whereas, for you, it’s difficult to keep safe as a single person. But finding the right people who you want to help is a source of pleasure. Besides spending time with them, talking and understanding their needs, and sorting out their problems is more than just a donation.


Whether you choose a charity organization to donate to or prefer doing charity for individuals, it is important to play your part in the wellbeing of your community. As long as you are contributing, it is great whichever option you choose.

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